Thursday, March 25, 2010

Warms the heart

Youth group was so amazing last night. God is working in some powerful ways and I'm happy to report that the group is growing! It's not huge by any means, but it's a perfect size to work with. We are actually growing out of the small space we are in right now.
Last night we talked about what it means to be a Christian. What it means to live for God, not just believe in Him. I incorporated Cardboard Testimonies. I think these are so powerful, and I thought it went along with what we are talking about. Christians aren't perfect and we don't always have our lives together, but we put that all in God's hands. Here is the video I shared. And then afterward the teens made their own cardboard testimonies to share with everyone.
Warning: May Induce Tears.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

School Lunch

The documentary Food Inc has just been the beginning of this new food expedition for me. Now there is a new show on ABC called Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. He went to the unhealthiest city in America and is trying to show school's how they can improve their food. I think we can all recall the lunches served in school and how disgusting they were. He is out to prove that you can serve fresh, healthy ingredient that kids will eat and is cost effective.
Along with that I've run across two blogs that are very interesting. One is Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project. A teacher from IL is going undercover (for fear of losing her job) and blogging about the school food epidemic. How unhealthy, not to mention, unappetizing it is. There is also a student who is trying to do something similar. She's been trying to contact her school's food distributor just to get a simple ingredient list. That sounds harmless right? Well it's proving to be a very difficult task.
Here are their blogs you should check them out!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fruit Decor

This is right up my alley! I shared my love of fake fruit around Christmas time. I love to decorate with brightly colored pears especially. Pink ones, glittery ones, red ones, you name it. I also have some glass fruit and bright yellow lemons for spring time. I ran across this flip book on Country Living's website. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Really blown away

Kolby and I have Netflix, which is totally fabulous. We don't have cable or bunny ears, or a box or anything so Netflix really comes to the rescue when we are bored. Now some people can't believe we don't have TV and are in shock and always ask what we do with our free time... There are plenty of things to do for sure, and with the money we are saving from not having cable we can afford to do them. My dad is one person that really gives us a hard time about not having TV, he just can't believe it.
Anyways, I heard about this very interesting documentary that I really wanted to check out so during my lunch breaks at work this week I've been watching Food Inc. In the process of watching Food Inc and sharing that online someone told me about The Business of Being Born. I had to check that out as well! They both really changed my perception of the food/baby industry. I loved the wealth of information they provided and I feel compelled to change some things.
I don't want to be looked at as a hippie or an environmentalist or a naturalist or anything else. I just think the things they were talking about made sense and now I want a garden, and locally grown meat and a midwife instead of a doctor someday. If placing a stereotype on those opinions helps someone understand it, then I guess it's okay. I'm just the type of person that when I have information, I can't ignore it. If the facts say one thing, then I can't ignore it. I would check them out if you get a chance!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Love it...

I love Spring fashion! I love dresses and skirts and I especially love floral print. I've always adored floral print but I would typically shy away from it because I don't consider myself to be girlie enough I suppose. This year will be different. Aside from the fact that we are currently not spending any money, when I do break I want something floral.

Here are some lovely things I would like to own:
I love purple, this dress is so casual and cute! The flowers are not over-kill.This one is more formal, I love the length of the sleeves and the shape of the dress.Perfect top to pair with cropped jeans and flats.This tank makes me happy...It's very subtle and beautiful.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm getting more and more excited about spring! I've been impatiently awaiting it's arrival for a while now. Then the weather has been looking more and more fabulous. The sun is shining brightly and it's slowly warming up. And as I've been catching up in the blogging world a lot of them are about the anticipation of spring.I'm completely looking forward to packing up all of my sweaters and busting out the flip flops. The warmth of the sun makes me so happy. Just the thought of being able to go outside without a jacket on makes me smile!
In other news the youth group is working on a fundraiser. Or at least they are suppose to be working on a fundraiser. They have been warned that if zero effort is put into this, they will never see another one coming from me. We are selling personalized kitchen ware. I personally have received two of these as gifts, one for my bridal shower and one for Christmas. I think they are perfect as Mother's Day gifts, and wedding gifts.