Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not in the plan

I got to visit my Dr. again...whom I absolutely LOVE by the way. This day was not as joyous as the rest though. Nothing terrible, but she moved my due date BACK. My days were on Sunday, every Sunday I was one week closer to meeting my baby, now I'm on Wednesday's but not as far as I thought I was. That was a bummer to me! And I don't know how to change any of the baby tickers I've done on this or on facebook, so it says I'm 16 weeks when really I won't be 15 weeks until this Wednesday. Eh nothing to complain about I know, I know. Kolby thinks I'm silly too. :)
So no, the baby is not an avocado it's still a lemon!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yoga is not for me

I decided last night that I needed to incorporate some sort of exercise to my routine for a few reasons. First I don't want to turn into a big blob, I want to have a fairly easy return to my pre-pregnancy size after baby is born and I want to prepare my body for delivery as much as possible. The weather is fickle and annoying going from 75 to 40 in a matter of one day so I can't trust that I'll be able to walk every night. Aside from that I think I need something a little more than walking. I don't want nor do I think I should do some high impact aerobics. So while on netflix I saw they had this:

Ugh about 10 minutes into it I was bored to tears. I decided I don't like yoga, it's to calm, too much stretching. (Not to mention it looks like early 90's, and they were all wearing belly shirts) It annoyed me. So I'm on the search for something else! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.