Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh these silly hormones

I am not a crier. I hate crying, it makes me feel out of control and weak. I especially hate crying in front of people. I do not like the place of vulnerability that I'm suddenly thrust into. I still to this day would prefer not to cry in front of my husband. I don't even really like crying alone, although when necessary it feels good sometimes.
This pregnancy though is changing that a bit. I have cried 3 times over ridiculous things. It seems to happen while I'm in the car...let me explain.
The first time I cried it was literally over nothing...yes NOTHING. I was just driving down the road and started crying. It was out of nowhere and over nothing. I felt ridiculous and laughed at myself, while still crying.
The second time is hilarious. I was at a doctor's appointment that I knew would run late. I knew I would be hungry and I was in a town with a culver's, so I had a great plan. After my appointment I would grab my much loved culver's burger and head home. Well things went south when I turned in the opposite direction of the restaurant. I *thought* I turned the wrong way, but was holding out hope that maybe I didn't. When I realized I had indeed turned the wrong way I got really upset. I was really hungry and I was a pretty good distance towards home and I did not want to turn around. Needless to say I started bawling, called Kolby and explained everything. He was very kind and did not laugh (even though he wanted to) and told me to turn around. I refused though I was already in the direction of home and had something to get to. Ah crying over a burger...gotta love it!
The most recent cry I had was fresh. Just this morning actually. I was listening to Focus on the Family. It happened to be on the topic of being a new dad. It kinda freaked me out, and then when I was over that I threw myself a nice little pity party. Since I have the classic definition of a dysfunctional family I got a little bit bummed out about it, but then I got over that as well. All is good, hormones are in check....for now!