Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Full Term

I'm officially full term. The Dr. has told me that at this point she would not stop labor. I am fully convinced that I am going early...might just be wishful thinking on my part though.
I've been pretty patient throughout this whole process and just enjoying pregnancy, but last week was really difficult. Three women I know had babies...all in the same week! One of those babies I have up close and personal time with because she is my beloved niece. Seeing her makes me anxious to meet Evie.
For the fun of it Kolby and I debate on what she'll look like. I think she'll have red hair and blue eyes, Kolby says she'll have blonde hair and blue eyes...we shall see!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Penelope Jane

Nieces are delightful! I am so excited that Penelope Jane is here, it feels like you wait forever and wonder what they are going to look like and then anxiously wait for momma to push her out and then wait longer for the Dr. to finish things up...and then almost get kicked out by the Nurse Nazi. What a fun night though, I enjoy the waiting with family and friends.

Penelope is perfect and beautiful, I can't wait to learn what her little personality will be like.
These two produce the cutest little fur ball babiesHolding a baby right after they are born is just a really cool feeling. And I must say this picture made me tear up a bit...actually all of the pictures where Kolby is adoringly staring at baby Penelope made me tear up. He loves his nieces like crazy and I can't wait to see him with our baby girl.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

2 years quickly

The girl went from this: To this:
How cute is my beautiful niece Caroline? At 2 she's a big girl now and soon to be a big sister. She'll probably be really bossy, I'm calling that right now. But along with the bossy, she'll be super sweet and protective I'm sure.
I love her to pieces and I hope she always calls me aunt TT...that's cute for a 14 year old right???

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beautiful Baby Shower

Thanks to Maggie, the best sister in law ever, I had a fabulous baby shower on August 7th!
The baby shower decor was to-die-for. I was told it was the most beautiful and girlie shower that someone had ever been to. That made me smile, because that was the goal and Maggie pulled it off like a pro.
I had a lot of fun, I will admit it is awkward for me to be center of attention and it felt like all eyes and ears were on me forever because of the amount of gifts I had to open. Kolby and I have been seriously blessed with stuff for Evelyn. We have had stuff given to us, bought for us or sold to us for dirt cheap. She (and we) have everything we could possibly need. The only thing we have on our shopping list now is a baby book and diapers.
Caroline had fun helping me open a few gifts and just *new* that some of them were for her.

The cousins, all pregnant, at Meghan's shower
2 babies down, 2 to go!