Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Car!

Yes!!! Kolby and I have driven around beaten up, hardly working cars for years now. My car is the one that we got rid of. I bought this car about 5 years ago, it only cost about $1,000. It had been wrecked, no air bags with the console hot glued together, a cracked front bumper, lost a hub cap recently, broken down a number of times....It was pretty embarrassing to drive around but it got me where I needed to be (90% of the time).
Also, Kolby and I are all about having no payments and paying cash for the things we need (thanks Dave Ramsey). So it took us a while to save up money for a car, but we finally did it! I get to drive it most of the time :)...poor Kolbs, but YAY me. It has been wonderful to drive around, but I'm so nervous! Like I said, we have only ever driven cars that are just plain crappy. I kick my door shut, drive without a care etc. Now I drive like a slow poke and I think I'll cry when it gets scratched the first time. I'm sure I'll get over that, I'm just so glad to have a reliable car...and it is my dream car! Here it is, but we removed those tires and replaced them with something that was more our style (regular ones).

Friday, May 22, 2009

ONE year

Kolby and I have officially been married for ONE whole year! We celebrated with a cookout at my dad's house on Sunday. We are so awful at making and finalizing plans, we were going to go to a national park and stay at a bed and breakfast, but I think that is going to be pushed off until next month....but we will see! I'm fine with not doing anything huge, that's not really our thing anyways.
Our first year of marriage was a dream! So many people told us that the first year of marriage is so difficult, and I believe them, but that wasn't the case for us. I know we aren't perfect, and we did have our disagreements, but our whole situation was just different. We were best friends in high school, dated for four years after that and then got married. I'm so lucky to have him :)