Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Staying at home is my forte

I have had 2 glorious months at home with my bundle of joy:

That first month was all about learning what to do with her, trying to get my daily things done like taking a shower for instance. Now I've pretty much got that all down pat, and I'm getting a few more things done. Before I had her I thought about all of the things I would have time to do by staying home....funny thing though...babies take a lot of time!
Here is what I have been able to do though:
First and foremost we used to be a poptart family. That's all we ate for breakfast, Not anymore though. I have been making some muffins, and breakfast sandwiches and breakfast cookies. I haven't bought poptarts in a long time. Yay for a healthier breakfast!
We have been cloth diapering as well. I was all about it at first....then when it came to actually using them I got really nervous. As it turns out it is a lot easier than I thought, and they are super cute. I decided to make my own detergent for them as well as my own detergent for our clothes.
I also intend to make my own face wash, dishwasher soap and handsoap. Yay for homemade!